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IMAGEEN’s mission is to recreate the past as it was on the place where the ruins survive nowadays.

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You can already travel into the past in Cartagena!

The countdown is over: we are looking forward to enjoying the Roman legacy of #Cartagena in a different way....

It is already possible travelling into the past in Cartagena!

Dont miss our new project in the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula.  

Novedades del CES para dispositivos VR autónomos...gracias from Imageen!

Lo que viene en VR para el 2018 de acuerdo al CES, todo un mundo de nuevos dispositivos en...

You just need a Smartphone or a Tablet PC.

In the city there are some Virtual Display Points all signalized. In each one you can download the application through a powerful bandwidth.
The application takes you to the rest of the virtual display points with the ‘route’ mode.
Una ventana al pasado

In collaboration with:

  • TVE
  • Ayuntamiento de Tarragona
  • Digivision
  • Estrella Damm

  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Structuralia
  • Oculus