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IMAGEEN as a reference of “tourism to the past”

With the premiere of Imageen-Mérida a few months ago, the positioning of Imageen is of total leadership among the companies that propose the use of virtual reality to understand and visit the different museum, archaeological and urban spaces. The Imageen VR application, the container of all the spots and experiences developed by Imageen, is now available on all possible platforms: IOS, …


You can already travel into the past in Cartagena!

The countdown is over: we are looking forward to enjoying the Roman legacy of #Cartagena in a different way. Welcome to this new experience! Imageen is already a reality in the visits to the Roman theater of Cartagena and visitors and citizens of the city can experience the new concept of tourism to the past …


It is already possible travelling into the past in Cartagena!

Dont miss our new project in the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula.  

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