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IMAGEEN MERIDA: A unique project in the world, an unforgettable experience

We have developed an ambitious project in Merida to change the way of visiting and seeing the premises of the Roman Theater and Amphitheater. The project will not only allow to see both spaces in their time of splendor, but also allow the visitor to immerse themselves in that time, being able to attend a play or a gladiatorial fight.

Imageen Merida is a unique project in the world, in which in addition to walking and knowing the monuments as they were, you can also live the atmosphere of the time. In addition, we include experiences that will allow the visitor to understand how the archaeological process was.

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Optimized for:

Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Iphone 4 or equal and superior.

Tablet PC: Samsung Galaxy Tab II, ipad2 equal or superior.

VR Displays; Gear VR Samsung and Google Cardboard.

You can experience what it feels like to make a return to the Roman past of Merida


And live some scenes from that time in the first person ...


The Goddess Ceres seen in 3D


A live gladiator fight


The reconstructed theater


A virtual guide explaining the theater

El anfiteatro desde fuera

The amphitheater rebuilt from outside


A theather play



Great expectation in Merida

Mérida will host the expected presentation on June 28, 2018 at 10 o’clock in the morning.

In the following 360º video you can see in draft form some of the spectacular advances of the contents of this project