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Our vision

It’s been ages since then. All the big cities have fallen, the temples and palaces have been demolished, the climate has smoothed and digged all the stones, the theatres are on ruins…

But some of those cities keep being nowadays big ones. Although life has changed in all of them. People now uses the car or tram, they have telephone or electricity, but we can still see pieces of that past, parts of columns or amphiteatres from those days.

In one of those cities…

Momo, Michael Ende


The past is absolutely certain and that gives it a special attractive. The past is the only alternative to our extremely organized present.

What will people do? It’s actually happening already. Nowadays the cultural tourism is the most developed one.

People don’t want to visit other places but other ages. People want to get involved in walled medieval cities, in great Buddhist temples, in Mayan piramids or Egyptian cemeteries.

They want to be in the disappeared world.

They want it real, Who will assure that authenticity?

Timeline, Michael Crichton