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IMAGEEN Cambrils presented


The application IMAGEEN Cambrils recreates digitally the roman villa of Llosa, in Cambrils, in a virtual trip through the site during the II century. On Saturday the roman villa of Llosa will be opened to the public and all the visitors will be able to recreate how the original site was with this application.

The application belongs to a project of the city for becoming an intelligent city, on which was developed a virtual video-guide of the site of La Llosa. For making it more attractive the application has developed the existing virtual contents and have integrated real actors.

There are three points on the site where the application allows you to do different things such as overlapping the images of the II century with the actual ones. The overlapped image includes architectural and landscape settings, in a mixture of augmented reality and video-guide in four languages.

There will be a free WIFI spot to make it easier for the visitors to use this digital tool developed by Digivisión. The manager of the company, José Antonio Muñiz, points out that ‘virtual reality is used to add value to the cultural patrimony and transmit the history after every stone.’

La Llosa will be opened every Saturday from 11 to 14 hrs. and during the high season it will expand the schedule.


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