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IMAGEEN TARRACO: An authentic smart city at the service of visitors!

At IMAGEEN we have developed an augmented reality content itinerary that allows visitors from Tarragona and Costa Daurada to immerse “in situ” to the ancient Roman city of Tarraco, through their own mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

The mobile or the tablet thus becomes a “window into the past”, through which it is not only possible to admire the grandeur and original disposition of the monuments and ancient spaces that you are physically visiting, but above all, immerse yourself in the living environment of its time of splendor.

The Imageen app allows you to see through your smartphone or tablet pc an archaeological enclave as it was in the past, turning your device into a window into the past. Enjoy, among other enclaves, the 4 most important monuments of the Roman Tarraco of the 2nd century AD, capital of the Hispana province of Tarraconensis.

Enjoy a 360 view mixing past and present or let a virtual guide explain the Provincial Forum.

Download the app for your favorite device!

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Optimized for:

Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or S6, Iphone 5 or equivalent and above.

Tablet PC: Samsung Galaxy Tab II, ipad2 or equivalent and above

VR devices: Samsung VR Gear, Oculus Go and Google Carboard

The city becomes on a unique museum


You will be a spectator of a gladiator fight in the amphitheatre!


Encourage the races of chariots in the roman circus!


Visit all the worship places in a roman metropolis as if they were still existing.