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Settlements with their own IMAGEEN!

IMAGEEN has developed a route of virtual reality contents that allows the visitor of Cambrills an ‘in situ’ immersion in a roman villa of 20 centuries old. It is possible with their own mobile dispositive or through the virtual glasses Samsung GEAR VR.

The mobile phone or the tablet becomes a ‘window to the past’ that makes possible to admire the greatness and original disposition of the monuments and old spots that are visiting and immersing in the real environment of the medieval ages.

Walk through Cambrills and live a real immersion in its past

Cambril after the fall of the Roman Empire, in 476 b.C., Tarraco and all its surroundings was occupied by the visigoths and their king Eurico. There is no evidence of destruction and it seems that the capture of the city was peaceful.

Probably the visigoths choosed the upper class of the city with hispano-romans instead of goths. That makes of Cambrils a really interesting place to find all the roman civitas in Hispania.