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You can already travel into the past in Cartagena!


The countdown is over: we are looking forward to enjoying the Roman legacy of #Cartagena in a different way. Welcome to this new experience!

Imageen is already a reality in the visits to the Roman theater of Cartagena and visitors and citizens of the city can experience the new concept of tourism to the past through guided tours of it.

It has been a long work during the last 18 months to develop and implement the experiences that can be enjoyed in the theater: the virtual flight, the virtual guides in both English and Spanish or the famous past / present view that allow you to contrast the current state with that of its era of splendor.

Buy your tickets to do the virtual guided tour of Cartagena here and experience what it is like to do “tourism to the past”, the new way of knowing and living the most exciting sites in the History of Spain.