Villa romana de la Llosa


La Llosa was a rural settlement in the old Tarraco.

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Visión general

There is evidence that its origin dates back to the 1st century BC and it was abandoned in the 6th century AD.

Exterior - Guía virtual

Exterior view of the Villa.

Horno - Guía virtual

360º view of the Villa's oven.

Triclinium - Guía virtual

Get to know the triclinium of the Villa.

Exterior - Presente/pasado

Look into the past of the Villa.

Horno, siglo I - Presente/pasado

Appearance of the oven of the villa in the 1st century AD.

Triclinium - Presente/pasado

Compare the past and present of the ancient triclinium.

Horno, siglo II - Presente/pasado

Go back in time to see the ancient furnace in the 2nd century.